The day of the viewing has finally arrived. Am going to give you a live walkthrough on how a viewing is conducted. Through this, you’ll know the what to dos and what not to dos during a viewing. Prior to the viewing, most of the work were theoretical and background work. Now it’s the realistic application whereby the theory is being put into practice.

The following information has been edited for illustration purposes. A young couple – Mr & Mrs Tan have contacted you regarding your 3-bedroom unit for sale in RG condominium. They wish to relocate to RG condominium as its near their workplace and their families. According to your online advertisement, the 3-bedroom unit looks attractive and it fits their requirements. A viewing has been scheduled on a Saturday at 10 AM. Below are some details about the unit:

  • Floor: Mid floor
  • View: Pool view
  • Type: Corner
  • Built-up: 1355 sq.ft.
  • Furnishing: Fully furnished
  • Bedrooms: 3+1
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Car parks: 2
  • Asking price: RM700,000 (negotiable)

Dress presentably in formal attire or company t-shirt. First impressions not only matter, but you’re also representing your agency and your brand. Don’t just be punctual, but arrive early at RG. Make an attempt to arrive 15-30 minutes earlier. If its your first time there, arrive early to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the place.

The unit also has to be presentable. If the unit is currently owner occupied, its already a given as you save your time setting up the unit. However, if the unit is vacant, go there earlier to setup the place. Open the windows, and switch on the fans, lights, and airconds. The viewing will then be more lively and comfortable. You don’t want your client to be sweating buckets and having a mood swing.


It’s 10 AM. Mr & Mrs Tan have just arrived. For record and security purposes, ensure that they register their details at the guard house. Meet them at the guard house or the lobby. Its probably your first time meeting them face-to-face. As a formality and business practice, present to them your business card. This should also apply to the owner if you’re meeting him or her for the first time.

The viewings for each and every unit are always different. This is no matter how very similar the sizes, types, and orientation of the units are. No 2 units can evoke the same feeling on the buyer. There are differences in the similarities.


Yet, what sets THIS 3-bedroom unit apart from its competition, the other 3-bedroom units in RG? There are 10s or even 100s of other 3-bedroom units available in and outside of RG. So why should Mr & Mrs Tan buy your 3-bedroom unit?

You’ve to highlight its unique selling points and differentiating factors.

  • Renovations & extensions made
  • Additional features
  • The view
  • Number of car parks

Lets apply these points to our 3-bedroom unit in RG. The unit is a renovated unit. The floor has been fitted with solid wood timber instead of the usual tiles. The kitchen cabinets in the kitchen are also a new set. The unit is selling fully furnished. Included in the sale are the fridge, oven, washing machine, television, etc. These are the additional features. The view is splendid as its facing the swimming pool! Sometimes there’s a free view. The unit’s orientation is facing South, so it’s not so hot both in the morning and in the evening. Lastly, the unit comes with 2 car parks, and they are side-by-side. Some units may come with 2 car parks but they are in tandem, or even worse – just 1 car park for a 3-bedroom unit!


The first two points apply more to landed properties – terrace houses, semi-detached houses, and bungalows. The owner may have renovated and extended the house before listing it in the market for sale. Therefore, the house now has an extended kitchen, front porch, or an additional bedroom. Some extensions were massive to the point that from a 2-storey house, it is now a 2.5-storey house.

In terms of additional features, the owner may have installed additional security systems in the house. The house has an in-built CCTV, alarm system, and panic room. The house also has a gazebo, a fishing pond, a basketball court, and a swimming pool.


The last two points apply more to high-rise properties. The view and scenery from the balcony and bedrooms will set your property apart from its competition. Beautiful views are landscape view of the city skyline, a vast greenery such as a park or forest, or a blue scenery such as a lake or ocean. Some views too can be demoralising and a cause for concern. Examples of such views are views facing the cemetery or flats.

Adding on to the above are the floor level, the unit type, and the orientation. Of course, the higher the floor; the better the view. Nonetheless, each buyer has his or her own preferences, be it low, middle, or high floor unit. Then, is the unit an intermediate, end-lot or corner unit? Lastly, the orientation of the unit can influence the view. Generally, buyers prefer units facing North, South, or East because of the sun. Units facing these directions are cooler and will not be too hot during the day. Units facing West provide a beautiful sunset background over the city skyline. However, it can be hot in the evening as the sun sets in the West.


After satisfactorily viewing the unit in the RG condominium, take Mr & Mrs Tan around the condominium to show the facilities. They’ll like to know where the swimming pool, gym, sauna, multipurpose hall, badminton or tennis court, cafe, launderette, and management office are located. Through these, you compare condominium to condominium. So, what makes RG condominium itself better than all the other condominiums in the neighbourhood? RG condominium has 4 swimming pools and 2 tennis courts.

Point out the nearby amenities – schools, banks, groceries, restaurants, shopping malls, public transportation, etc. Additional information will be the access roads, closest highways, and the ins and outs to the condominium.


Finally, do a closing sales pitch. Summarise the viewing. Stress the important and beneficial points to Mr & Mrs Tan. Promise to follow-up with them on a feedback and decision.

Beautiful views are landscape view of the city skyline, a vast greenery such as a park or forest, or a blue scenery such as a lake or ocean.


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