In any sales transaction, following-up is a bridge. It is a bridge between the viewing and closing the deal. Without following-up, the impending transaction pauses at the viewing stage. Following-up is what gets the deal moving.

During the viewing, the buyer may have made their initial judgement about the property – some good and some bad. Follow-up to confirm their stance towards the property and allay their fears. For every positive point about the property, a negative point will arise. And for every negative point, there will be a positive point to counter. Guide them towards the end goal: closing the deal.



The buyers have a negative vibe about the property. The bad outweighed the good. The buyer was not familiar with the location of the property. The property was located at the T-junction, at the main road, near a power station, etc. The neighbours have dogs so there can be noise pollution at times. The property was a basic unit in a rundown condition. The buyers have to spend additional money on renovation. The view from the balcony was not beautiful as imagined to be. The asking price was way above their budget. Mentally, the figures didn’t add up positively. Instead, the figures were in the red.

After the viewing, they explicitly said, “We’re not interested in the property and will not be making any offers.” Period. Case closed. Move on to the next property for viewing.



The buyers have a very positive vibe about the property. The buyers LIKE the property. The good outweighed the bad. The buyers seem to be emotionally attached to the property. The buyers said they’ll call you back to discuss an offer for the property.

They are excited. You are excited. You wait 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours and 48 hours later for a reply. However, there was no call back from the buyers. So you followed-up with the buyers.


The buyers have changed their mind. They’ve made a 360 degrees about turn. It was only yesterday that they were positive about the property, but today they were negative towards it. What caused the change?

They consulted their friends and family about the property. They calculated their finances and commitment for the property. They discovered a better and cheaper property. Things didn’t add up. Therefore, the buyers changed their mind.



The buyers have a very positive vibe about the property. The buyers LOVE the property. The good outweighed the bad. The buyers are emotionally attached to the property. The buyers said they’ll call you back to view again and/or to discuss an offer for the property.

They are excited. You are excited. The buyers contact you within 24 hours. They’ve fallen in love with the property that they’ll like to schedule a second viewing and to discuss an offer for the property.


There is no one direction when it comes to following-up. Sometimes, the buyers are very eager and excited that they beat you to it and contacted you first back. At other times, you’ve to follow-up with the buyers once, twice, three times or more. They are still interested in the property but they needed time and circumstances didn’t permit them to discuss an offer. At other times, they may be busy at work and in life.

When they do respond to your consistent follow-up, they may have accumulated additional follow-up questions. They may have replayed the viewing in their mind and a few questions popped out. Below are some questions which they’ve raised and the answers I gave in response to those questions. Bear in mind that these answers are suggestions to aid you in your delivery.


Question: Why is this unit more expensive than that unit?
Answer: This unit is selling fully furnished and comes with 2 car parks. That unit is selling partially furnished and comes with only 1 car park.

Question: This unit is facing West, so it’ll be very hot in the evening.
Answer: You’ll have a beautiful sunset view.


Question: The (corner) house is located next to the highway so it can be very noisy, but I’ve dogs.
Answer: In terms of noise, your dogs can compete with the cars on the highway.

Question: The house is facing a T-junction but it has land, which is good for my dogs. My current house is in a quiet neighbourhood, but it has very little land.
Answer: Yes, think about your dogs, as this new house will be very suitable for them.


Question: The neighbour next door has a dog, so it won’t be peaceful.
Answer: The dog will also protect your home by barking to warn of strangers. A natural and free alarm system.

Question: The bungalow is in a very basic condition. Much work and renovation are needed.
Answer: You get to renovate and design it to your own preference.


Question: Why is this house more expensive that that house?
Answer: This house has been renovated and extended. Whereas that house is not. Therefore, by purchasing this house, you save money on renovation.

Question: Behind the semi-d is a cemetery.
Answer: You don’t have to worry about noise. You’ll have very peaceful and quiet neighbours.


Sometimes the best answer to a question is another question. For every question posed there is a corresponding question. The buyers will search deep within themselves satisfactory answers to their own questions.

Then, even if they do not purchase a property from you; continue to follow-up with them passively and indirectly. Send them market updates on property related matters. Send them information on new and upcoming property launches.


Subconsciously, in their mind, your name will pop-up from time to time. In conversations with their friends and family, they’ll recommend you to them. This is referral marketing.

Therefore, following-up not only reminds the buyers about you. Following-up also creates a sense of importance and urgency. The buyers are important and you’ve their best interests in mind. The buyers also have to be aware that there are other interested buyers and incoming offers for the property. Urgency is needed to discuss an offer and to seal the deal soonest possible.

Following-up is what gets the deal moving


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