5 Aesthetic and Cheap Living Room Decor Items (Part 1)

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With everyone spending more time at home, it’s time to make your space more comfortable. There are several ways to decorate your living room with aesthetic and inexpensive items without leaving your home. 

We have listed 5 aesthetic decorative items on Shopee to put a smile on your face! 

1. Wall clock

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Wall clocks certainly first and foremost have the practical purpose of telling the time but they can also have an aesthetic function and are often part of home furnishings. 

At shopee, you can get various types of wall clocks with different shapes and sizes. A house is incomplete without a wall clock as a decoration in your living room!

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2. Carpet

Your living room can be instantly upgraded with a rug as it can add warmth to the room. Choose the right carpet because it is a big investment. Surely you want a quality carpet that will last for many years. 

In addition, carpets that match the theme of the house will add aesthetic quality to the space that is the main focus for you and your family to relax. Depending on the budget for both purchase and decoration, choose a carpet or rug that blends into the decor of your home’s living room.

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3. Curtains

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Curtains in the living room are one element that can really show off the personality of your decor and tie it all together to create the aesthetic style you want. 

Sheer curtains add the oomph factor to your living room. They make a room look luxurious and add a much-needed dimension to your space. You can pair your thin curtains with thick colored curtains (blackout) with a similar palette to create a harmonious atmosphere.

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a. Thin curtains

b. Blackout Window Curtains

4. Wall Decoration Mirror

If your living room is starting to look a bit gloomy and you are looking for a decoration that can brighten it up, adding a mirror on the wall is the answer! A mirror on the wall actually helps your living room look bigger.

Nowadays there are various shapes of mirrors in the market whether they are round, square, oval, hexagonal, and many more. The selection of mirrors is very important to maintain the aesthetics of the living room to ensure that everything matches and harmonizes.

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5. Hanging Wall Shelves

Did you know that floating shelves are a great way to add functionality and storage to your living room without compromising on style? Not only that, you can install floating shelves anywhere in your home. It has a minimalist look and does not take up floor space, especially if you have a small living room.

In addition, it is relatively easy to install; most floating shelves come with the screws, brackets and hardware you need to attach them to the wall. Make sure each shelf is level, so you don’t end up hanging one at an angle.

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Let’s redecorate your living room with these 5 aesthetic and inexpensive decorative items. Where you can find it all at Shopee! Simple decoration ideas like this can help you in revitalizing your living room without spending a lot of money while giving your own touch of taste. Good isn’t it?

If you are confused to choose decorative items for your living room, refer to what we have shared!

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