5 Aesthetic and Cheap Living Room Decor Items (Part 2)

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With everyone spending more time at home, it’s time to make your space more comfortable. There are several ways to decorate your living room with aesthetic and inexpensive items without leaving your home. 

We have listed 5 aesthetic decorative items on Shopee to put a smile on your face! 

1. Small Corner Table

Next, this stylish small corner table can be used as a display material to enhance the beauty of your living room. Although it is called a small corner table, but it is versatile and very useful to liven up the atmosphere of your living room. They add style to the living room while adding functionality to the space. 

You can use it as a bookshelf, hidden storage space, or place other home decor elements such as flower vases, picture frames and table lamps. 

Shopee link:

2. Flower Pot

The flower vase as the name suggests is intended to place flowers, flower stems, or just be left empty as a living room decoration. It can be placed in a small shelf space or side corner table. The combination of the right types of flowers and the main vase can really strengthen the aesthetics of your choice. 

From adding a soft touch to breaking up the monotony of prints to even adding depth, it’s perfect for all. It’s simple but bold decor – and a great way to liven up your living room!

Shopee link: 

3. Synthetic Flower Tree

If you want to add some plant aesthetics to your living room but are afraid to put a real plant, choose a synthetic flower plant. Although synthetic flowers or artificial plants do not smell like real ones, but they will give your home a real boost.

Maybe the idea of ​​a synthetic or fake flower tree may not look as glamorous as the real thing, but it still looks beautiful. They will not wither and look fresh year after year. Don’t be afraid to decorate your living room with this synthetic tree because it’s an easy way to celebrate and bring to life the green elements of nature. 

Shopee link:

4. Lamp

A living room without proper lighting and lighting may seem boring and can even disturb the mood. It can be said that lamps are among the most necessary home living room decorations!

There are various lamps that can be used as decoration options such as small lamps placed on coffee tables or small corner tables and standing lamps that can be placed in the corner of your living room. So, add lamps in your living room to change the tone and atmosphere of your space while following the trend of aesthetic and beautiful decoration. 

Shopee link:

a. Standing lamp:

b. Table lamp:

5. Pillow Cushion and Cover

Most of us see cushion pillows as the main choice to liven up the living room. Cushions are luxurious items that can be placed on a sofa, chair, bed, or anywhere you like. The beauty of cushions is, they take up little space but still brighten up the area! 

Don’t leave your cushion pillow empty without a cover! You need a cushion cover to protect your cushion from dust, dirt and stains.

Shopee link:

a. Cushion pillow

b. Cushion cover

Let’s redecorate your living room with these 5 aesthetic and inexpensive decorative items. Where you can find it all at Shopee! Simple decoration ideas like this can help you in revitalizing your living room without spending a lot of money while giving your own touch of taste. Good isn’t it?

If you are confused to choose decorative items for your living room, refer to what we have shared!

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