Top 5 Interior Design Ideas You Must Know for Your New Home!

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Houses and just about any living space can act as a blank canvas for homeowners to express themselves. It is more than just a comfortable home or a sanctuary; it acts as a way for people to paint their personalities and interest in the form of real estate.

This can be done through the help of interior design! In recent years, many are growing to learn and appreciate the beauty of having their homes presented comfortably and pleasantly.

That said, just like any market, there’s a trend for interior design. We spoke to Ho Han Boon, the managing director of award-winning interior solution company IQI Concept, to understand more insights into these trends!

When asked about the topic, Han Boon first addressed the pandemic by stating, “People are still affected by the pandemic; more individuals work remotely and are constantly in the presence of their family and home. This new arrangement not only played a huge impact on working arrangements and everyday lifestyle but impacted the way their view of what is comforting and homely.”

He then mentions the following trends:

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Modern Contemporary

One of the most favoured forms of interior design, Modern Contemporary exudes simplicity and subtle sophistication. Homeowners favouring this theme prefer open, practical space planning. This goes from wanting specific areas in their homes for specific purposes like a home office to a balcony for relaxing and planting. A few other key elements of this theme are the straight lines, neutral tones and a clean look.

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Modern Classic

Uniting modern and traditional, Modern Classic is inspired by European culture and interior house design. This concept uses a lot of panelling and lovely wainscoting on the walls. From cornices, roman pillars, quilted headboards and a feature wall in the master bedroom, this theme is surely preferred by those that love classical features with a sleek and luxurious touch.

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Modern Farmhouse

It is countryside interior design, but make it modern! This farmhouse-inspired theme uses light and neutral tones with a cleaner and more contemporary look. Blending both country style’s bright, floral and gingham designs with contemporary sleekness and minimalism, the Modern Farmhouse is perfect for those that like the best of both worlds.

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This interior design theme combines smooth modern Scandinavian finishes with a touch of Japanese elegance. Both minimalistic and comforting, the features are easy on the eyes. It presents interiors set in neutral tones, combining textures and natural elements. A growing favourite among clients, this aesthetic is turning timeless. 

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Modern Luxe

This theme sets itself from the rest through its unique features, from monotonous and warm colours to metallic tones like gold, steel, rose gold and even platinum! This interior design incorporates durable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk, as well as lavish ones such as leather, velvet, and even satin! Its designs are primarily clean, with straight lines and little intricate detailing. Think simple geometrical minimalistic designs!

We hope these interior design trends inspire you to create a home with furnishings and designs that speaks more of you! Now go on and bring colour, light and life into your living space! Find out more about IQI Concept and their immaculate service here!

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