Online Land/Title/Geran Search with EasyLaw

In the previous post, we learned how EasyLaw is a smart, all-in-one calculator. EasyLaw also provides an additional service of online nationwide land, title, or geran search in Malaysia.

This saves time and cost. The Easylaw online land search is handy if you’re based in Kuala Lumpur but have a property in Johor, Penang, or some other state.

When conducting a land search, you can do a private land search, official land search, or certified true copy of title. You’ll need to know some information beforehand, such as the state, daerah, bandar/pekan/mukim, title type, title number (no. hakmilik), and lot number.

Below is a YouTube tutorial on how to do an online land search with EasyLaw.

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