How to Connect MetaMask to OpenSea

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Creating an account on OpenSea with MetaMask wallet is fast and easy.

First, click to open the Wallet Icon on the top right corner of the OpenSea home page in your browser. It is recommended to use the Chrome browser, which we’ll explain further later.

Sliding in, you’ll see a list of wallets to connect:

  • MetaMask,
  • Coinbase Wallet,
  • WalletConnect,
  • Phantom,
  • Glow,
  • Fortmatic,
  • Kaikas,
  • Bitski,
  • Solflare,
  • Venly,
  • Dapper,
  • Authereum,
  • Torus,
  • Portis,
  • OperaTouch,
  • Trust

In today’s tutorial, we’ll be connecting with the “popular” wallet on the list: MetaMask.

Chrome Extension

After you’ve clicked “MetaMask”, you’ll be directed to the MetaMask page to “Install MetaMask for your browser”. Click the blue button: Install MetaMask for Chrome.

Then you’ll be redirected to MetaMask on the Chrome extension page. Click the blue button on the top right: Add to Chrome.

Then “Add extension”.

After MetaMask has been installed as a Chrome extension, you’ll be greeted by a “Welcome to MetaMask” page. Click the blue button in the middle: Get Started.

If you’re don’t have a crypto wallet, you can setup a MetaMask wallet by clicking the blue button: Create a Wallet. If you’ve an existing (MetaMask) wallet, you can click the other blue button: “Import Wallet”.

Secret Recovery Phrase

In this tutorial, we’re going to import our existing wallet using the Secret Recovery Phrase.

Depending on how many words is your secret recovery phrase, fill in the words. It can be a:

  • 12-word phrase
  • 15-word phrase
  • 18-word phrase
  • 21-word phrase
  • 24-word phrase

Then input a new password and confirm it.

Then click the blue button, “Import”, after you’ve checked the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use”.

After you’ve imported your wallet, you’ll be directed to your MetaMask wallet page.

How to Link MetaMask wallet to OpenSea

Go back to OpenSea and click MetaMask from the wallet icon on the top right.

A pop-up window will appear to “Connect With MetaMask”. Step 1 of 2 is to select the account and click “Next”. Then step 2 of 2 is to connect the account to OpenSea. Click “Connect”.

OpenSea will connect with your MetaMask wallet.

Another pop-up will appear to welcome you to OpenSea. Click “Accept and sign”.

Another pop-up will appear from MetaMask which is a “Signature Request”. Sign in and accept the OpenSea terms of services. Click the blue “Sign” button.

You’ll see your MetaMaks wallet in OpenSea.

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