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Here’s How To Download Your EPF Statement Online!

https://youtu.be/a22D3bnON5g If you want to apply for a home loan or a personal loan, you need to submit your application with your latest Employees Provident Fund (EPF) statement. EPF is one of the important documents you need to obtain. Previously you have to go to the nearest EPF office to print the statement. But nowadays you can get your EPF statement online. Read this article on how to...

4 Steps to Withdraw from Your EPF Account 2 to Buy a House!

https://youtu.be/a22D3bnON5g Ever since our re-emergence from the pandemic years, our need for security and wealth is stronger than ever and owning a house is a safe way to achieve this. Unfortunately, soaring housing prices in Malaysia are still driving people away from the dream. While you can always apply for a housing loan to purchase your first home, there are alternative sources you could...

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