Small Agriculture Plantation 101 in Malaysia

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photo of woman planting vegetables

In real estate, the common ways to make money is through rentals and capital appreciation. However, if you’ve green fingers, you can make money by going back to nature. It sounds as simple as to head out to the countryside, find a large plot of land, and open a farm.

Get to know about the different types of crops and plants to plant on an agriculture land. Learn how much it costs and how much to make as profit from the land.

Furthermore, there’s the difference between planting cash crops – cili, bananas, corn, vegetables, and fruits; and slow-growth plants with higher yield in the future – durian trees (Musang King, Black Thorn, etc), oil palm (kelapa sawit) trees, and coconut trees.

Watch the YouTube video below on how to earn income on a small agriculture land and what to plant.

Read more on Medium below about earning income on a small agriculture plantation.

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