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This is a public service announcement to all purchasers and tenants from realtors. We hope to create synergy with our clients and save time in the process. While we realtors provide our own service, purchasers and tenants too have a responsibility to provide their own service. 



Inasmuch as vendors and landlords are advised to practice exclusivity; purchasers and tenants too are advised to practice exclusivity. While its true that they can easily search online and drive round town searching for properties for sale or for rent; they are a hassle.

The preliminary informations in the description’s section are at your fingertips. You’ve to filter the listings according to your budget, preferred location, size, and other requirements. It can be a hassle to extract additional information such as the house direction, block number, floor level, etc. You’ve to contact each and every realtor to verify the information. Its tedious and time consuming.


Instead, why not engage a realtor to do all of the above for you? The realtor will be an extension of you, the realtor has a much larger network, and all information will be vetted through the realtor. In the end, only the properties which suit your requirements are shortlisted for your viewing pleasure.

If you do come across a property which interests you and you’ll like more information about the property, contact your realtor. Send your realtor the advertisement link or snapshot of the banner. Your realtor will then source for information about the given property.


If you’ve previously viewed properties in a location, do inform your realtor. This saves the realtor time from re-proposing the properties which you’re not interested in. The realtor can filter out the properties which you’ve already viewed and skip them.

The realtor will be motivated to work hard for you. Because he has a loyal client who honours his time and respects his services.



Very often, when prospects enquire about the property, they forget to introduce themselves. They do not mention their names, thereby expecting realtors to know who they are! Some prospects are very private that its hard to know their requirements.

If you’re a prospective tenant, realtors will need to know:

  1. Occupation
  2. Furnishing: Unfurnished, partially furnished, or fully furnished
  3. # of bedrooms & bathrooms
  4. Preferred location
  5. Budget
  6. # of occupants
  7. Currently staying where
  8. Reason for renting
  9. Tenancy period (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, etc)
  10. Move-in date

These informations help the realtor to qualify and advice the prospective tenants.


If you’re a prospective purchaser, realtors will need to know:

  1. Reason for purchase: Investment or own-stay purpose
  2. How many properties you’ve viewed previously
  3. Preferred location
  4. Tenure: Freehold or leasehold
  5. Property direction: North, South, East or West
  6. Land area & built-up
  7. Basic or renovated property
  8. Budget

These informations help the realtor to qualify and advice the prospective purchasers.

There are definitely more questions that need to be asked to qualify the prospective purchasers and tenants. Nonetheless, these are the standard preliminary questions to be answered. At least these get the conversation started.

This is a public service announcement to all purchasers and tenants from realtors.


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