Malaysia’s Income Classifications: Meaning of B40, M40, T20, and B50

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B40, M40, T20 in Malaysia. Everyone has heard of these income-related terms before. Household per capita income is considered as family income that only households occupied by two/more people related by marriage, birth, or adoption, and it measures the income earned by each individual in a given area.

According to the 2019 statistics in Malaysia, our government classified our population into three main groups based on their gross monthly household income: B40 meaning bottom 40% (low income), M40 meaning medium 40% (average income), and T20 meaning top 20% (high income). 

What is B40 in Malaysia?

B40 represents the Bottom 40% of low-income earners. They are the bottom-tier families that have an income of less than RM4850.

What is M40 in Malaysia?

M40 represents the Medium 40% of average income earners. They are medium-tier families that have an income of between RM4850 to RM10959.

What is the difference between B40 and M40?

The B40 and M40 groups have different income tiers, which affect the types of aid and assistance they are eligible to apply for.

What is T20 in Malaysia?

T20 represents the Top 20% of Top income earners. They are Top tier families that have an income higher than RM10959.

The B40, M40, and T20 income groups are further classified according to the 2019 Malaysia Statistics. Take a look at the table below!

Malaysia Income Classification
B40, M40, and T20 meaning

What is The B50 Malaysia Income Group?

The B50 Income Malaysia Group is categorized as under 50 percent of the low-income group. This group is for those with a monthly income of RM 5,880 or lower and experiencing loss of employment & income reduction of at least 50%.

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