How to use EasyLaw, SSM, JUPEM, i-Plan Townplan together

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In the previous posts, we learned how to use the following apps and websites individually for their stated purposes:

  • EasyLaw to do online land search,
  • SSM to search online for information about a company or business,
  • JUPEM to find a lot’s location, and
  • I-Plan Townplan to find out a land’s zoning.

We’ll be combining the websites and apps into a workflow.

We start with the online land search with EasyLaw. After receiving a copy of the title or the title search results, you’ll want to check the details. If the owner is a company, then you can do a company or business search on the SSM website.

With the information acquired, then you need to know the exact location of the property. Visit JUPEM’s website to find the lot’s location.

If you or your client is planning to use the land for further development; you can check the land’s zoning on the I-plan townplan website.

Below is a YouTube walkthrough of the websites and apps in a workflow.

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