How to Read the Information in Your Title (Geran Tanah)

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The title (geran tanah) is very important in helping you to choose and decide the size of the landed house you want to buy and build according to the size and measurement of your lot. Generally, many people are still not well-versed when it comes to reading the measurements, length, and width in the title.

Remember! The area is not the main factor in deciding the right lot size for you. The important measurements are the length and the width, whether in feet or meter.

Below are 4 simple and easy steps to help you read the length and width measurements of your lot.

Example of Lot 7477 and few important information you need to know

Step 1

The first step that you should do is to look at the important informations in your title (geran tanah), which is as follows:

  1. Land usage : is it for agriculture (pertanian) or for building use (residential),
  2. Land status : is it freehold or on 99-years lease (leasehold),
  3. Lot type : is it corner or intermediate lot,
  4. Measurement of the border and bearing : this is to assess the size of the land correctly and accurately, and
  5. North direction : this is to determine the rising and setting of the sun; which direction the sun sets and rises

Step 2

Determine how the area of the lot is measured. If the area is measured in square meters (sqm or m2), it probably means that the borders of the lot are measured in meters. If the is measured in square feets (sq ft or ft2), it probably means the borders of the lot are measured in feet.

Step 3

Read and take note of the shortest width of the lot that faces the road (it can be the front along the road or at the back). Following the illustration above, the width (W) is 18.86 meters (6.221 + 12.639) and 13.603 meters.

Step 4

Read and take note of the shortest length of the lot that is on the right or left. Following the illustration above, the length (L) is 18.010 meters and 24.128 meters.

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